You have to ask for it yourself

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If you can't find your 147c letter, owing to loss or destruction of documents, you can request the information by asking for form 147-c which shows what the IRS has on file. Getting a 147c letter is easy, but it is sent by mail or faxed to the actual business owner and can�t be ordered by third parties. As an owner or designated representative, you can get the information and pass it on, but the IRS will not send this form on your behalf, or forward it. This would be tantamount to sending your social security number to anyone who asks for it. The upside is that you can keep a copy of form 147c for yourself and verify that any information held by your credit card processor or other third party is accurate and complete.

Why business owners ask for this form:

CP-575 How to get a form 147c letter sent to you by the IRS. (Hint: ask to have it faxed!)

Who needs It

Call 1-800-829-4933 during business hours on weekdays (Eastern Time). You will want to have your EIN number handy so they can verify your business before sending you the form. If you don�t have a fax number handy, the 147c letter can be mailed to you.

Normally people get this letter if a financial institution or vendor needs it to verify that TIN and business entity information are correct. In these cases businesses will copy the form or fax it to whomever is requesting the information.

Some companies that may ask for a 147c, or the original CP 575 form are credit card processors, compliance companies, and other government agencies. Having accurate entity and EIN information is essential for medicare, social security, and government contract work since information needs to be verified for recordkeeping purposes.